A Good Day in Brazil at FUMEC

            Before I get into a description of the highly productive day we had on Thursday, I need to revisit my original post about our Brazilian adventure.

            I failed to recount our last travel issue of the day.   After our long visit at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, the plan was to go to our hotel, check in, put on comfortable clothes and go out to dinner.   Problem was that the hotel had our arrival date in the system as May 28 instead of April 28 and there were no rooms.   Matter of fact, due to a major soccer tournament, there were no rooms at any hotel within a 40 minute drive.   Ultimately (about 9 p..m.) we got check into a nice hotel on the outskirts and had a late dinner.  If you are familiar with the Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil franchises in the US, you have some idea of the sort of place we had dinner on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

            Last night, I failed to post this photo taken in a hallway at the University of the District Federal (UDF).   Even a non-Portuguese speaker should be able to figure out that this is a men’s room restricted to use by faculty and staff.   A very few of us are still around who can still remember such distinctions in American universities.


            I had also intended to post this photo of Marc Whitt and his new best friend (some say long-lost cousin) taken at the PUC’s fine Museum of Natural History.


            The entire day Thursday was spent on the campus of the University de FUMEC (Fundacao Mineira de Educacao e Cultura (Education and Cultural Foundation of Minas Gerais).  This is a private institution of near EKU’s size with remarkably similar specialized programs.  These include bioenergy research, aviation, occupational therapy, environmental health, public safety and security, and that is not an exhaustive list.   There was discussion of our Eastern English Language Institute during which the interesting question of whether we could mount such a program for non-English speaking faculty.   We should soon be signing an agreement to explore possible partnerships with this institution.  In fact, we believe we may well develop different types of relationships with several institutions as a result of this trip.  Immediately below is a photo of some FUMEC aviation students using a pc-based flight simulation program.   The program, which is very close to EKU’s in scope and mission, also has a large flight simulator, similar to the new one at EKU.


In the first photo below you will see our group outside at FUMEC.   You will recognize several of the faces, but two you will not know are Rector Antonio Loures, to my immediate right, and Presidente Air Rabelo, to my left (which makes him right most in the picture).  The bottom shot shows the irrepressible Marc Whitt engaged in conversation with students who are engaged in publications writing and design.



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