Another Trip to Korea

Right after the Governor’s Conference on Trusteeship, I was off alone for another visit to Daegu Haany University.   This was at the invitation of our partner institution.   They asked for me to attend their 30th anniversary of the school’s founding and their vision declaration which is setting the stage for the future of this fine institution.   

The trip was arduous, but my hosts had provided business class travel which took some of the edge off leaving Chicago at 1 a.m. and landing in Seoul at 5:30 a.m. the next day.

The visit was wonderful.   It gave me an opportunity to meet with Daegu Haany University’s new president, Dr. LEE, Joon Koo and to strike up a relationship with the president of the National University of Mongolia, Dr. TUMUR-OCHIR, Sanjbegz.   It was also good to see Honorary President Byun, my friends Miss Kim and Mr. Baik, and, of course, retired EKU faculty member/dean, Dr. Danny Robinette who has taught there for the past several years.

The celebration was a remarkable series of events and I could not help but note the similarities between what DHU organized and conducted like similar events I have seen at many American universities.   They honored distinguished graduates, they honored faculty and staff, they celebrated their past and set aspirations for their future.  

Generally, Korean institutions are younger than their American counterparts.   As noted above, DHU is 30 years old.   In visiting with several of their honored graduates, I was struck by the fact that the bond between graduate and alma mater is the same both in America and Korea.

The more I travel, the more I realize that the differences among and between peoples are superficial.

Friday, Joanne and I are off on another trip to Japan.   I will try to maintain a blog presence from their again.  Another visit to Rikkyo University is on our agenda, as is my first meeting as a member of the American Committee for KEEP board.   There is some information on KEEP in my earlier blogs from Japan.   On the 12th, we will help greet the balance of the delegation from Madison County and will participate in a sister region visit through the 19th.

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