End of the Japanese Adventure

(The following was written Monday, October 18, on the way from Seisen-ryo to Tokyo.  I could not upload the photos from Tokyo (bad connection) so this posting is being done from the US.  As a matter of fact, it is being done from Kansas City, MO, where Joanne and I are attending the National Collegiate [...]

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Days in Kofu; Off to Meet the Delegation

 As I am writing this blog entry, Joanne, Kanae Meshino-san, Hiro Yoshida-san (KEEP staff) , Awazawa-san an official representative of Hokuto City and I are on the bus headed toward Narita to pick up the rest of the Madison County Delegation.    Awazawa-san was a member of the Hokuto City delegation to Madison County in May.
The [...]

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KEEP, ACK Joint Board Meetings

Most of the last two days has been spent in very informative and, I think, productive joint meetings between the boards of directors of the Kiyosata Educational Experiment Project (KEEP) and the American Committee for KEEP (ACK), of which I am a new member attending my first meeting.
I have posted before about this remarkable place, [...]

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To Japan - 2010

Joanne and I are into the fourth day of our visit to Japan.   We left Richmond at 4 a.m. Friday (Oct 1) morning, escorted by the apparently willing Joey Foster, who volunteered to take us to the airport.   If I had a decent bone in my body, I would have refused his offer.
We have become [...]

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