End of the Japanese Adventure

(The following was written Monday, October 18, on the way from Seisen-ryo to Tokyo.  I could not upload the photos from Tokyo (bad connection) so this posting is being done from the US.  As a matter of fact, it is being done from Kansas City, MO, where Joanne and I are attending the National Collegiate [...]

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Days in Kofu; Off to Meet the Delegation

 As I am writing this blog entry, Joanne, Kanae Meshino-san, Hiro Yoshida-san (KEEP staff) , Awazawa-san an official representative of Hokuto City and I are on the bus headed toward Narita to pick up the rest of the Madison County Delegation.    Awazawa-san was a member of the Hokuto City delegation to Madison County in May.
The [...]

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KEEP, ACK Joint Board Meetings

Most of the last two days has been spent in very informative and, I think, productive joint meetings between the boards of directors of the Kiyosata Educational Experiment Project (KEEP) and the American Committee for KEEP (ACK), of which I am a new member attending my first meeting.
I have posted before about this remarkable place, [...]

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To Japan - 2010

Joanne and I are into the fourth day of our visit to Japan.   We left Richmond at 4 a.m. Friday (Oct 1) morning, escorted by the apparently willing Joey Foster, who volunteered to take us to the airport.   If I had a decent bone in my body, I would have refused his offer.
We have become [...]

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Another Trip to Korea

Right after the Governor’s Conference on Trusteeship, I was off alone for another visit to Daegu Haany University.   This was at the invitation of our partner institution.   They asked for me to attend their 30th anniversary of the school’s founding and their vision declaration which is setting the stage for the future of this fine [...]

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