Our First Three Days in China

Three days into our trip to China, I finally have an opportunity to catch my blog up-to-date.  During our first two days in Xinchang, internet connection would not allow me to connect to the blog editor.  Now, in the larger city of Hangzhou, that problem no longer exists.
After what seemed like an interminable 14 ½ [...]

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Upcoming Trip to China

It seems the only times I work on this blog is when we are traveling outside of the country.   Another such opportunity is coming up just after the first of the year, when Joanne and I will visit China along with the Dean of the College of Business & Technology, Dr. Bob Rogow, and his [...]

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We had a safe, uneventful return home, arriving at the Blanton House some 30 hours after getting up in our Daegu hotel room for the ride to the airport.  Now, we are in a New York City hotel, on the second day of an alumni/development trip.   Tonight we will be with more than 30 EKU [...]

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Our Last Full Day in Korea

We had another good day in Korea today.  On the way to the campus of Daegu Haany University, we stopped by Gyeonsan stadium.  The university’s main campus is in Geonsan, while the medical college is in Daegu.  Miss Kim, who took very good care of Joanne and me during our stay, agreed to pose with [...]

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Daegu Haany University, Day 1

That pretty well sums up our first day of visiting Daegy Haany University.   What we have found here is an institution that is committed to serving its region, that has aspirations of national significance, is student centered, and as part of that student centeredness is intent on having a global and international focus.  If that [...]

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